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Gilbert's Mother Speaks Out About Her Daughter's Disappearance
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Family and friends have come together to help with the search for Jamisha Gilbert.

By Whitney Delbridge

Lynchburg, VA - Family and friends have come together to help with the search for Jamisha Gilbert.

Right now, family members say they have no idea where Gilbert might be or who she's with.

Jamisha's mother, Norma Gilbert-Eldridge, said they had an argument last week and Wednesday was the last time she spoke to her daughter.

All of Jamisha's social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, have not had any recent activity.

Friends say it isn't like Gilbert to leave and not keep in touch.

Gilbert's mother says there is a chance that Jamisha is afraid because she crashed her car and does not want to get in trouble, but her best friend says that is not likely.

"Everybody was saying like she was probably scared that mom was going to be mad at her. But she would have called me because we talked, like we're always together and she calls me all the time," Diamond Blake, a friend of Gilbert's said.

If that is the case, Gilbert's mother says she hopes Jamisha is listening and knows they just want her to come back.

"If you're listening, Jamisha, if you're out there and you're just thinking that I'm going to be mad about a stupid car, you know it's just a car. Your safety, you coming home, that's what it's about," Norma Gilbert-Eldridge, Jamisha Gilbert's mother, said.

Eldridge says she does not believe Jamisha's boyfriend had anything to do with her disappearance but she's not ruling anything out at this point.

The phone number to call with any tips on Jamisha Gilbert is 434-455-4090.