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Choosy Lover (EP) - 2017
Grittin Season Vol.1
TXL 11
It Was Almost Over
We The North @DjJJazzRealTrap
The Infamous Instrumentals
Saint Anger (@iceberggrimm)
Dumfries, Virginia
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Genres: Hip Hop
Label: Bizzle Boy Records
Management: E.Bizzle
Saint Anger is an award winning rap artist out of the Northern Virginia area. He is a nominee of both the 2010 & 2011 DMV Awards VA Best Rap Artist winning the award in 2010. Born Marcus Young, Saint Anger was raised in Pine Bluff Arkansas and grew up listening to all styles of music. He generally has a love for all genres but Hip Hop was the art that intrigued and inspired him the most.
Living in a neutral place in the south, Saint developed his ability with no home choice of hip hop inspiration. His influences were from a variety of artists such as Ice Cube of California, Pimp C of Houston, Texas and Lord Rakim of New York. His greatest asset in music was his friend who migrated to Arkansas from California. This good friend was a freestyle artist who wrote for Ice-T and helped mold Saints style early in life.
Saint Anger has been in love with hip hop since the first time he watched "The Vapors by Biz Markie". That experience gave him the feeling that one day he would find a way to be involved in hip hop on a business level.
It is not a surprise that many years later after leaving the Marine Corps & moving to Northern Virginia he gathered the courage to venture out on his own and form his small independent record label Bizzle Boy Records, LLC. Today, Saint Anger is not only the Co-Owner of Bizzle Boy Records, LLC, but has stepped out beyond the owner's desk to lead his record label into stardom.
Saint Anger is Saint Anger. His metamorphosis over the last few years has lead him to incredible heights and respect amongst industry insiders and his peers. Due to his incredible hustle in cities such as Pittsburgh, Detroit, DC, Cleveland and many others; he has been dubbed the V.A. Ambassador. Fellow independent artist around the country all agree that no one reps Virginia harder for hip hop!